Before the 'X Factor' season even began, we were shown a woman being carried into an ambulance with an oxygen mask over her face, but we never expected it'd be our beloved Panda Ross!

The 42-years-young mom of two was a riot from the beginning. She explained she was there not only to audition and get her voice heard, but to also meet Simon Cowell, whom she had a major thing for. Ross even wore a necklace with the word "single" in glittery, capital letters to make her message clear all the way from the 'X Factor' stage.

Before her audition, Ross proudly stood in the middle of the stage and said hi to all the judges, said she was released from the hospital due to pneumonia the day before, and then confessed her love to Cowell. But the moment of the night came when she was asked to explain where she got her unique name from. "Well, my mom had me when she was in jail," she said. "Her cell mate was white and she was black, so they just came up with Panda."

And then began her actual audition. Ross performed the Sam Cooke classic 'Bring It On Home to Me' -- and bring it home she did. Within the first few lines, Ross had the entire audience up on their feet cheering her on, and the judges grinning from ear to ear.

Of course, Ross rightfully made it through her 'X Factor' audition with flying colors -- and even received a hug from Demi Lovato backstage. Now how many of you can say that?