Officials with the Calcasieu Parish School Board are investigating an incident that occurred at a LaGrange High School pep rally last week. The incident, which was captured on video has raised concerns in the community because it depicts a violent act.

In the video, a dancer with the LaGrange High School is seen dancing around another student dressed as a mascot for rival high school Washington-Marion. During the skit, the student pulls out a fake knife and proceeds to go through the motions of slitting the throat of the rival school's mascot.

Did that cross the line between rival school trash talk and the boundary of common decency? I think most of the people who saw the skit, either in person or on video, would agree that even for Louisiana high school football, pretending to slash the throat of your opponent is going too far.

We have opted to not include the video in our story because, quite frankly, it looks a lot like those horrible Isis videos of prisoners being decapitated and that kind of violence, even simulated, is too disturbing for our platform. A portion of the video can be seen in this report published by KPLC Television. We remind you the violence depicted is quite graphic.

Members of the Calcasieu Parish School Board are reviewing the video. They have suggested through comments made to the media that violence, even simulated violence, will not be tolerated.

The Board promises to hold those responsible for the skit accountable. Because of state law, the Board would be prohibited from commenting or releasing details of any disciplinary action that may or may not be taken.

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