Who used to live in this town? Where have they all gone?

According to YouTube user Anomalous Films,

I was riding my bike this past weekend in the middle of nowhere Florida and found this entire community sitting empty. It was just abandoned building after building. Then came the blocks of abandoned homes, one after one... it was a really erie feeling. There was a chapel, schools, hospital, water treatment plant.. what looked to be like an entire town literally sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Living in Florida for over 25 years now, I have explored quite a bit, but I have never on my own found anything this big before. This place has acreage and from the looks of it has quite a history too. Judging by the architecture of most of the buildings, this place has been here for at least 50 years. Not much lasts for that long in the heart of the Everglades, so it was very surprising to see it in this good of shape.

My phone is forever running out of space so I was not able to take a lot of video. The few short clips I did manage to get does not give this place any justice. I missed a lot of it. I do plan on returning very soon with proper camera gear to better document this discovery tho, so hopefully that can shed some new light.

Excited to get back there and dig deeper, so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned for part II.

So the question is... where is everybody? One thing we do know is it's in Arcadia, FL.