According to reports, one jail employee in Georgia has been arrested after a two-week undercover investigation into his alleged illegal trading with inmates. In a since deleted video, the Wayne County Georgia Sheriff's Office showed the former detention officer having his uniform cut off of his body while handcuffed.

Facebook via WDSU News
Facebook via WDSU News

Reports say that a narcotics team launched an investigation into the now arrested jail employee after they received complaints and information surrounding illegal activity between himself and jail inmates.


According to reports, Dayton Beasley was stripped of his authority as an officer, arrested, and charged with multiple crimes. Those crimes include violation of oath of office, trading with inmates without consent, crossing the guard line with a controlled substance as well as other charges.


A video of the moment Beasley was arrested was initially shared by the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and it showed fellow officers observing the arrest and the literal cutting-off of the disgraced officer's uniform.

The Wayne County Georgia Sheriff's Office deleted that video and issued the below follow-up.

But, the video was out on the internet and was being shared by multiple news outlets.

See the report and video from WDSU News on Facebook below.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office clearly is not standing for corruption, especially in their jails. This former detention officer was made an example out of and as the investigation into other corruption continues, I am sure other employees at the jail received this message loud and clear.

This kind of problem doesn't only exist in Georgia. One prison employee at the Louisiana State Prison in Angola was arrested in December of 2020 after trying to smuggle a slew of items inside for inmates.

Angola State Prison

Jails aren't putting up with this kind of corruption anywhere in the country and this story is proof that authorities are willing to make an example out of bad apples to send a message to the rest of their employees.

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