When I was younger one of my favorite hobbies was building plastic model kits. I especially loved to build airplanes and rockets but every now and then I would opt for a kit that would allow me to build my own model of a car. More times than not, the model cars I chose to build were connected with television shows or were models of NASCAR race cars.

The thing I appreciated about TV show cars was how these inanimate pieces of steel were often pressed into service as characters. Let’s face it, that’s real life. Almost all of us have a name for our car and we treat our car as if it has a personality so why shouldn’t TV families do the same.

As I sat thinking about my model collection and some of the more famous or infamous kits I put together I started to wonder if anyone, besides me, felt a particular affinity for a vehicle made famous for being on television.

Let’s see how many of these iconic cars, trucks, vans, and other modes of transportation you can recall. If you could own one of these, which one would be your choice?

10 of Televisions Most Iconic Cars

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