Louisiana takes coffee very seriously, and there is rarely a time when you will find a local coffee shop without a line.

Most people will tell you that while they enjoy supporting our locally-owned coffee shops, they would prefer to make their coffee at home because it's more affordable. With so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming to determine which coffee brands are the best and the worst to keep on hand.

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Of course, it's important to consider flavor profile, bean quality, and freshness overall when choosing what coffee to brew at home, but it mostly comes down to how it tastes. Which is why we are unsure if 24/7 Wallstreet's ranking of a particular Louisiana coffee brand is fair or accurate.

Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash
Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

Is This Louisiana Coffee Brand Really The Worst?

The financial news and opinion company created a list of 'The Worst Coffee Brands to Avoid,' and the New Orleans-based coffee company Folgers was found at the top of this list, crowning it the worst coffee brand. So why does 24/7 Walstreet think Folgers is the worst?

Being that they explicitly describe themselves as an 'opinion company' it's safe to assume that this particular ranking is their opinion on the matter. It does not appear like they crowd-sourced any other opinions on flavor or freshness. They stated that "Folgers lacks organic options, leading to concerns about the freshness and quality of its brews" as their primary concern.

The Folger's Best Part Promise

The question of whether or not Folgers is a sustainable brand was also mentioned in their review. However, they did not mention that Folgers is involved in programs to help end global poverty and is also actively helping small famers create a 'sustainable coffee supply chain'.

That said, ranking something as the worst based on your personal opinion has the potential to directly affect the company and its employees' livelihood. In this case, we are not totally sure Folgers deserves to take the heat as the worst Coffee brand just because they don't have organic options at this time.

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