Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins may have a bad taste in music, but it doesn't mean he can't sing. Or does it?

Cousins, who once looked into booking the rock back Creed for a private party, is the brunt of plenty of jokes on social media.

The two-time Pro Bowler's bank account is no joke, as he's earned over $140,000,000 in his career, with more guaranteed money coming down the line.

I think Cousins made a wise decision about pursuing a career in football rather than music.

As a former high school musical kid myself, I appreciate Cousins' passion for the arts. He may not have the kind of voice that would've led him to Broadway someday, but he definitely isn't timid about going for it.

Video circulated on social media this week of Cousins performing various show tunes in high school.

I wouldn't call it the "voice of an angel".

He was off-key on "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin" from Oklahoma, but sounded better with the quartet on "Pretty Woman".

It's like his football career. He needs a strong supporting cast to thrive. Ask him to lead on his own, and it's like to be shaky.

But admittedly, I finally have one thing I can appreciate about Cousins.

I'm sure there are other NFL players who performed in high school musicals, but if I had to guess, the number probably isn't high.

Like many on the internet, I've cracked a joke or two about Cousins over the years, but now I feel (a slight) drive inside to defend him. Just a smidge.

Why? Because high school musical nerds stick together.

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