What could be better than getting paid to eat?

There are quite a few things out there that would feel like a luxury to get paid for doing. Things like talking, eating and sleeping. Since I've already got the talking thing locked down, that leaves sleeping and eating. Well, if you're anything like me, you might want to look into Domino's Pizza.

The fast food joint just posted an job opening on LinkedIn for a position called Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester. Wait, I get to eat and have an executive title like "Chief?" I'm in!

Before you get to crazy filling out that application, you should probably know that you'll be headed to Australia. The position is at their headquarters in Brisbane, Australia. It's also not a long-term position as they are only looking for someone to taste garlic bread for one day. You'll spent seven and a half hours stuffing your face and be paid $30 for each hour. That's $225, which may not be worth the air travel to get there.

Nonetheless, it would make for a good story and think of the Instagram content!

Here are the qualities of an ideal candidate according to the post:

The ideal candidate:

Never met a carb they didn’t like
Does not identify as a vampire
Understands the perfect ‘crunch to softness’ ratio
Is passionate about food, innovation and having fun.

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