Don Lemon may have had more fun than anyone else on New Year's Eve.

The CNN anchor was on assignment with Brooke Baldwin in New Orleans to ring in the New Year and he did not waste any opportunity to turn all the way up.

Of course, with Lemon being from Baton Rouge, he knew exactly what kind of party he would be getting into when he was assigned to host the CNN New Year's Eve special in the Big Easy—which makes this play-by-play of his drunken meltdown that much more entertaining.

It all started off with shots, as noted by Anderson Cooper—another CNN anchor who is very familiar with partying in NOLA.

Then, more shots.

After some solid pregaming, something inside of Don Lemon told him it would be a good idea to get something pierced. Kathy Griffin suggested a nipple piercing. Don Lemon would ultimately play it safe (using that word loosely) and settle with getting his ear pierced live on national television.

With the shots nice and settled into his bloodstream, Don Lemon soon went from pierced party animal to everyone's favorite drunk buddy. He revealed that he lives his life "to the fullest" but then threw a curveball at a baffled Baldwin with this line:

I'm a bad person to date.

Brooke Baldwin's reaction basically spoke for everyone who was tuned in.

But Don wasn't anywhere close to stopping. As a matter of fact, he was "lit."

At a certain point, Lemon's antics became so outrageous that you actually wanted to see how far CNN would let him go.

We soon got the answer after the 50-year-old anchor declared 2016 was "awful."


I mean, Don Lemon was just saying what we were all thinking, right? Even if you don't share Lemon's opinion on the year 2016, chances are you shared a New Year's Day hangover with the CNN anchor.

Here's to more Don Lemon antics in 2017.

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