Donald Trump has gotten so popular in his run to be President of the United States that people are literally stealing his yard signs.

A Terrytown man was shocked when he realized his Donald Trump sign was stolen from his yard on Sunday night (March 6). Kelly Warren makes and sells custom lighted signs through his companies, Rivalry Night Lights and Lighted Fleur De Lis, and being that he backs Trump for President he decided to make a custom sign to show his support.

He wanted his sign to be unique, so he carved out "TRUMP" in huge block letters and even carved out The Donald's signature silhouette on each end of the 45" sign that boasts his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" on the bottom.

Photo via via Kelly Warren

The sign was valued by Warren at around $250—but it didn't even last 20 minutes before someone stole it out of his yard.

Warren didn't even make the sign with intentions to keep it outside. He says he only put the sign out to take photos to post online for any potential customers who would want their own sign. He went inside to grab his wife so that she could see it, and when they returned, the sign was gone.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened to Warren. According to,

he's had other signs stolen, such as a pink fleur de lis for breast cancer awareness. He later found it shining in someone's window.

He believes the person who stole it lives in the neighborhood and is willing to let bygones be bygones and avoid pressing charges if the thief returns his sign.

Before we can make America great, we at least have to make Terrytown honest first.