Election season is approaching and we all have the right to get out and vote.

I bring this up because every time the polling places open for an election some get on social media and "tell" you to vote. Personally, that is a major turn-off.

I'd rather you remind me to go and vote. I don't mind being reminded to do things, but when someone preaches to us we often defy what they are saying.

So, if you want people to get to the polls in 2020 why don't you REMIND them to vote, rather than tell them to vote? It may actually work.

For example, I would not get on social media and say something like, "Get out and vote, do your duty." Instead,  post, "Hey guys, it's election day, just a reminder."

And as for the stickers you get prior to casting your vote, they can be used to remind folks about an election. Don't get on social media and make someone feel like they are doing something wrong if they don't cast their vote. Every person has the right to either vote or not vote.

With that said, I would encourage you all to vote in the upcoming election, but I will not TELL you to go and vote. You can decide what you want to do.

Happy voting!


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