It's going to be really cold tonight in Acadiana and a group of people are doing their best to make sure those homeless in downtown Lafayette stay warm.

Shelly Lovas posted these photos of coats and sweaters around downtown Lafayette today. They were left behind for those without shelter tonight.

Kids left notes on the winter gear for those who see them to use them (take them). They did not want those who may stumble upon these articles of clothing to think that they are for someone.

According to Shelly's Facebook post, several people donated these articles of clothing and they were left behind in Parc San Souci, in downtown Lafayette.

We often say that we live in the BEST area of this country and its things like this that reminds all of us that WE DO!

We applaud all of you that made this happen. Please remember to take care of each other in the days ahead as sub-freezing temperatures will continue to linger here.

This story truly warms our heart. What a way to start a New Year!

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