There have been some pretty wild rumors about Drake's love life, but this one may be the hottest yet.

Admittedly, that was the easiest terrible joke that I'll make this week, but it's very fitting for a story that has somehow gained credibility since we first heard about it last week.

According to this extremely NSFW Instagram post (below) from the Too Much Hot Tea blog, a model who claimed to have a "romantic encounter" with Drake bit off more (sauce) than she could chew.

Drake's Till Death Do Us Part Rap Battle Event
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For those who want to forego the extremely explicit version of the story that literally describes Drake's junk, the model and Drake hooked up, he then took off the "used" protection and threw it in the trash can in the bathroom.

The model claims she went into the restroom to fish the rubber out of the trashcan in an attempt to transfer its contents into the only place on her body where it could possibly impregnate her when she got a flaming surprise.

Apparently, hot sauce is potent enough to kill sperm.

I have to be honest. When I first heard this story, it was definitely too wild to be true. Actually, as I sit here writing this, it's still a bit too much to really believe BUT—this is Drake we're talking about.

This is a guy who would totally be at the center of this type of scenario.

He actually rapped about this very exact thing on his record "Wasting Time" with Brent Faiyaz

Gold medalist, flushed the Magnums just so they not collectin’ my specimens, damn,

So, there we have Drake on the record (literally) admitting that he ensures that women can't collect his sperm after sex. On top of that, just when you thought this story would be dead in the water, Drake posted a cryptic message on IG that reignited the flames and kept the story going.

So did this model really pour hot sauce into her hoo-ha? Even if she did, imagine suing Drake for a failed attempt to impregnate yourself with his seed without his consent?

While we'll never know for sure, we can all agree that the memes and tweets have been top tier over the last week.

Even Mr. "You are/are not the father" Maury Povich got in on the action.

The jokes literally did not stop.

"I got hot sauce in my bag" will never carry the same meaning after this.

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