Whoa! Though we’re taking these rumors with a heaping grain of salt, sources are spilling that Drake eloped in Las Vegas. Who’s the lucky lady?

A Young Money source spilled to Media Takeout that Drizzy got hitched to a model whom he met via Twitter. Here’s the kicker, though: he’s only known her a week!

The mystery woman is said to be from Miami and isn’t named in the article. The source told the site that the pair flew to Vegas for quickie elopement, and cite Drake’s Twitter as evidence. However, said evidence is pretty vague, considering the tweet in question said only, “Streets talking…they’ll confirm.” That could pretty much mean anything.

The gossip site also reports that Drake and his supposed wife were spotted wearing matching wedding bands. You can check the photos out using the link below — though they’re so hard to see that it’s really hard to tell what’s going on.

We’re a bit skeptical (remember when he said he’d marry Nicki Minaj?), but just in case: Congrats, Drake!