Drake is a tease, alright! The ‘Take Care’ rapper released a teaser for his video with Rihanna — but it didn’t reveal much more than the stills did previously.


The black and white clip will premiere in full tomorrow (Friday, April 6) at 7:56 PM ET on MTV. In the meantime, we can see Drake embrace Rihanna briefly in the intro. In the beginning of the teaser, Drake stands alone in an empty room, wearing a black t-shirt. The visuals then shift to a bull, then to a snowy, mountainous landscape. We catch a glimpse of a sweater-clad Rihanna just before the teaser’s end.

The ‘Take Care’ was directed by Yoann Lemoine, the man behind Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Jeans.’ The video is said to feature  close-ups of wild animals (which explains our horned friend) and “a group of muscular male performers acting out tribal dance scenes.” Sounds good to us!

As previously reported, Drake wanted the video to complement the song perfectly, so he was in no hurry to release it in full until it was up to snuff. “I want to make it perfect — the best video I’ve done to date,” Drizzy said, “so I’m just taking my time.”

RiRi hasn’t revealed much about the video, but from what she told reporters, Drake should be happy with the final result. “I saw it a couple of days a go, I love it. It’s beautiful [and] it’s different from anything Drake has ever done.”

Watch Drake Feat. Rihanna, ‘Take Care’ Video Teaser

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