Drive-Thru Job Fair in Lafayette on Saturday, June 12th

Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

As the world begins to get back to the business of 'being a business', one of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle is staffing. To bring businesses back up to full speed, they need the manpower to serve their customers. One way to recruit new employees is through job fairs.  What if you could obtain valuable information regarding opportunities at local businesses without even having to leave your car? Introducing the Drive-Thru Job Fair

What It Is and When It Will Happen

2,000 job seekers will be provided employment opportunities as they drive through the Express Employment parking lot located at 135 N. Domingue Ave in Lafayette from 8 am until noon on Saturday, June 12th.

Why Your Business Should Participate

No matter your employment needs, whether they be short-term, part-time, full-time, swing-shift work, even management positions, here's your opportunity to fill those openings and not even have to visit a booth. Townsquare Media and Express Employment will handle the distribution of business materials to potential workers during the 4-hour event on June 12th.

So, To Summarize

We will be featuring participating businesses as we approach the big day so individuals looking for work can get an idea of what is available and who they'll be able to impress. Set a reminder to visit the Drive-Thru Job Fair coming up on Saturday, June 12th from 8 am until noon at Express Employment Professionals, 135 N. Domingue Avenue in Lafayette, presented by Townsquare Media and Express Employment.