This doesn't end well.

A video was posted to Reddit from I-10 near Lake Charles and it shows a truck crashing into a guardrail.

The pickup truck is in the passing lane on the interstate and when the vehicle in front of the truck doesn't yield to it, the driver goes into the right lane.

Then, the driver of the truck attempts to pass another vehicle, that is in the far right lane.

The driver of the truck thinks that the shoulder of the interstate is a passing lane and merges off the interstate to pass the vehicle.

What the driver did not know was that there was a guardrail there.


The truck hits the guardrail and appears to even make contact with the vehicle it was attempting to pass.

Some on Reddit say that the truck had been behind the vehicle in the passing lane for a while, thus which may have led to the driver being impatient.

Still, using the shoulder of the road to pass another vehicle is never a smart idea. There could have been a disabled vehicle there and someone could have been seriously injured.

Drive smart and always buckle up.


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