When you hear the term " drive-by shooting" you don't normally think of places like West Monroe Louisiana. You certainly don't think of such incidents happening at properties that are gated and fenced and located well off the beaten path but that's exactly what happened on Friday afternoon.

Authorities in West Monroe say the home in question was part of the estate owned by Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson. Robertson told the USA today that eight to ten shots were fired at a home on his property. One of the shots went through a bedroom window where Robertson's son John Luke and his wife and infant child are staying.

The Robertson's did not report any injuries from the shots, although many family members were reported to be extremely shaken by the incident.

As if this incident wasn't strange enough, the shots were fired in broad daylight. According to USA Today, Robertson reported that multiple witnesses saw a suspect vehicle pass by the property at least once before the shots were reportedly fired. Daniel King Jr was reportedly taken into custody on Saturday in connection with the shots fired at the Roberston estate and another home in the area.


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