Well, the eclipse has come and gone, but not without confusing a few insects and birds in my backyard.

As the moon slowly moved between the earth and the sun, I noticed a strange sound coming from my backyard. It was the locusts.

Now, if you spend time outdoors right before sunset during the summer months you'll notice the locust get really loud prior to the sun setting.

Well on this day, the eclipse of 2017, the locusts thought it was time for bed at 1:30pm. Nope, that was just a false alarm.

As the temperature dropped and the yard started to get a bit darker, the locust seemed to get louder and louder. Not only was this experience in the middle of the day pretty cool, it was also little eerie.

I did notice at about 2:15pm, once the eclipse was over, all of the locust sounds had stopped and the birds that had retreated to the trees left. I do anticipate that they shall return in just a few short hours.

Its safe to say that this day in history was confusing for a lot of animals and insects.

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