It can take corrosion off battery cables, clean the bugs off your windshield and if you find yourself helpless on the floor it can save your life.  An elderly Virginia man is alive because of Coca-Cola.

After mail had started to pile up at his home in an Arlington, Williamsburg neighborhood and a door was found cracked open, a mail carrier summoned the help of neighbors and friends to find out why.

One of the neighbors called for help and when first responders entered the elderly man's home, they found him on his kitchen floor.  He had fallen and was not able to get up on his on or call for help.  He had been there for 5 days.  The only thing he could reach from his kitchen floor was Coca-Cola.  He survived on Coke for the entire 5 days.

The elderly man was taken to an area hospital by Arlington County Fire Department medics.  He is reportedly in good condition.  His name was not released.

You never know what kind of day you're going to have when you wake up.  Chances are, when the gentleman was in the store purchasing Coca-Cola, he never thought he was buying an item that was going to save his life in the coming days.

If you live near someone elderly, check on them frequently.  If you see something's not right, call the police to investigate.  And I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you took over a Coke from time to time.  To be politically correct, you might think about taking over a Pepsi as well!

[Via: ARL Now]

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