2020 is just different.

Everything is different due to the coronavirus pandemic and the holidays will be no exception. For the parents who will be indulging in the Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition, I'm here to present an idea that will definitely bring something fun to your family.

Twitter user @erikaann077 shared the idea on social media and it looks like something you could probably purchase by following the original post or easily recreate on your own with items from around the house.

As far as the other holiday traditions go, I feel like COVID will definitely cause us to be creative but I truly believe our Christmas rituals will be a welcome semblance of normalcy for a lot of us who are over 2020 taking away all of our fun. It's also welcome news that things like riding around with loved ones to look at Christmas lights and enjoying treats with close family will all fall under safe practices during the pandemic.

And if we have to wear a mask, why not have some fun and make Elf on the Shelf wear one too?

Do you have any fun Elf on the Shelf ideas? If so, share them in the comments for the rest of the moms and dads who will be looking to spread cheer this holiday season.

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