N.W.A's "Fuck tha Police" is still upsetting cops. A dishwasher angered officers eating at Going's BBQ and Steak Co. in Crosby, Texas when he played the classic single while they ate. The incident sparked outrage from one deputy named Shane Cates, who took to Facebook with his account of what happened.

"I went into Going's BBQ with a few other officers and sat down to eat," Cates wrote in a since-deleted post. "While eating I noticed some of the other customers looking around at us and then realized there was music playing behind the counter where the cooks are. The music got louder is how we noticed it. The guys in the back were playing a rap song that was saying FUC$ THE POLICE over and over. I was completely shocked and thought surely no one was doing that as a dig on cops. Well I was shocked again. I walked behind the counter where the cooks are [and] there were [two] males one white younger guy washing dishes and a Hispanic guy cooking. The guy washing dishes was singing the song and pointing out towards the eating area. He turned and noticed me standing there and started laughing."

Rigo Berto Ruiz, the co-owner of Going's BBQ, confirmed the incident occurred. The dishwasher has been fired as a result, although Cates claimed the manager was unapologetic about the entire situation. Going's BBQ also issued an apology on their Facebook account, which you can read below.

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