Have you ever witnessed a friend, a co-worker or a loved one do something incredible and at that very moment catch yourself proudly saying "hey, I know them!" Last night was one of those moments for me. Last night, at the Michael Bolton concert here in town, a man proposed to his girlfriend in romantic fashion in front of a thousand strangers. What made this proposal even more incredible is that I said to myself, "I know that guy!"

Here at Hot 107.9 we have six other sister stations that share the building with us making a total of seven, and we truly are like a family. We have all the elements in place. A father figure in our GM, a warm motherly figure in our receptionist, and definitely more "crazy uncles" than you will find in most other families--but that's neither here nor there, because one of the most important parts of our family would have to be the one who fixes all of our problems.

Our engineer, Kyle Vidrine.

Kyle is the guy we go to when things go wrong. If we break it, he'll fix it. If a computer isn't acting right, we call Kyle. If one of the stations goes off the air during bad weather, we call Kyle. If we need to make sure we can be out on location in New Iberia, but still have our voice travel back to the station in Lafayette clearly for broadcast, we call Kyle. Kyle is our Mr. Fix-It here at Townsquare Media and Hot 107.9, but last night, for the first time I realized that Kyle Vidrine had a little bit of Romeo in him as well.

Last night, Kyle made arrangements to surprise his girlfriend Christie Landry and pop the question live on stage at the Michael Bolton concert. What makes this story a special one isn't just the romantic proposal, but the journey that got him there.

I'm proud to announce last night Christie Landry said "yes" to my proposal to her on stage at the michael Bolton concert. For those of you who don't know. We dated 20 years ago. She was my first true girlfriend. We then both went our separate ways and recently I found her on Facebook and we started dating on February 26th. After much planning for the last few months it finally happened. I was able to talk with Michael boltons staff and they agreed to let me propose on stage in front of everybody. It was great. Thanks to all of you who helped make this happen!

[via Facebook]

Of course, she said yes, and a good time was had by all. Congrats to Kyle & Christie!

Kyle Proposing To Girlfriend Christie On Stage At Michael Bolton Concert


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