The guys and gals with Smoke and & Barrel have made their very own drive-in movie theater for people to go and enjoy. The group will have a drive-in theater set up at the Chennault International Airport this weekend, June 5-6.

The movie selection will be Aladdin, for the kids, and Anchorman, for the adults. Your next question will be, how much? Tickets are on sale now here, and are $30 per car, per movie. As long as you have enough seat belts for your passengers, you can get them in for $30. There is no info on whether they will have food available, but at least it is a way to get out of the house and take the kids somewhere for a few hours this weekend.

Nassau Coliseum Hosts Drive In Movies Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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All proceeds from ticket sales will go to Smoke and Barrel's partner, United Way of SWLA. So not only are you out having fun, but you're helping out the United Way of SWLA!

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