Take note of this one.

A number of people on Facebook have been sharing a photo of a massive alligator in Lake Martin.

Many say that it has been in the area for years, while many say that they have come across it on several different occasions.

Well, the photo below shows just how huge this alligator is in Lake Martin.

The massive creature was seen making its way up onto a pile of debris, and while you get a great shot of its body mass, there's still a portion of its tail in the water.

Many frequent Lake Martin in south Louisiana for recreational sports, thus which is why we are sharing this photo with you.

And yes, we are quite aware that there are large gators lurking in the waters of Louisiana.

So, if you do enter the water here, please be aware of your surroundings and never submerge yourself in the water.

Just to show how large this alligator is, I've zoomed in on the photo from above to give you a better idea of the size of this creature.



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