The medical profession is exhausted as they navigate through this COVID pandemic and now many are telling their stories.

These people are seeing the worst side of the pandemic and what they are saying is factual, people that are young are losing the battle against COVID.

This nurse, who works at a medical facility in Shreveport, explains that she is treating the parents of her kid's friends and she fears the worst for them.

NowThis via Twitter
NowThis via Twitter

Our medical professionals have been stretched thin during this pandemic and I just feel that they are reaching the breaking point.

The nurse in this video makes a great point, it will take a team effort to protect each other, and the sooner we do that, we'll be done with COVID.

My only hope is that we'd all do our part during this pandemic to help put an end to the crisis we're in. The resources are out there.

Here is what some are saying after viewing this nurse's testimonial.

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