Get ready for new Chris Brown music -- and evolving Brown music as well.

Songwriter Eric Bellinger worked with Breezy on 'X' and gushed about how excited he was about not just the project, but also Brown himself.

"I feel like Chris is dope because he's really, really versatile," Bellinger told MTV News. "And he's just growing a fan base to where his sound could be international, it could be 'hood, it could be pop, it could be R&B, it could be rap; so it's definitely a bunch of different sounds ... he's been perfecting them."

And Bellinger's been helping him perfect those. "I definitely did a lot of work with Chris on 'X,'" Bellinger said. "For example, 'Fine China,' 'Love More' with Nicki Minaj and then I got another song on there called 'Add Me In.'"

"You know how Michael Jackson used to just kind of change with the time," Bellinger added. "He's all over the board, but he really nails it every time."

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