The Sheriff in Evangeline Parish has spoken.

Sheriff Charles Guillory released a statement this week as many prepare for traditional Mardi Gras runs in Evangeline Parish.

The traditional runs often include horses, flatbed trailers, and other vehicles as those who participate in the run make their way through the countryside.

However, in recent years some have elected to follow the run while on four-wheelers, side-by-side vehicles, and even golf carts.

Well, that is coming to an end for those in Evangeline Parish.


Here's what Sheriff Guillory had to say about any off-road vehicles violating the law this Mardi Gras in Evangeline Parish:

"There will be no three wheelers, four wheelers, side by side, golfcarts, are any non-street legal vehicles allowed on any roadways in the parish. Anyone who is caught operating any of these non-street legal vehicles will be issued a citation and the vehicle will be towed."

As you may expect, many are not happy about this enforcement of the law as some have taken to social media to question why now.

Sheriff Guillory stresses that it is for the safety of riders on such vehicles that they will not be allowed on the roadways.

Here's the original post from the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office.


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