Marilyn McKenna does not keep the fact that she used to weigh a lot more a secret.  She lost 120 pounds over the past six years and she is proud of herself, as she should be. 

Like so many do, McKenna has been documenting her weight loss journey on social media.  On Wednesday she changed her profile picture on Facebook to a picture of her standing in one leg of what she calls her "fat pants."  Well what happened next just might blow your mind!  Facebook told McKenna that she had to take the picture down, since "Facebook's terms require advertisers of weight loss and other adult product to limit the audience of their ads to people 18 and over."  Facebook is saying that she is promoting weight loss and advertising the weight that she did lose.  McKenna is adamant that she has no agenda but to document her weight loss journey so her friends and family can she her progress.

I personally think this is outrageous!  This lady worked hard to achieve something that means a lot to her and if she wants to share that on her personal page she should be able to.

What do you think?  Should Facebook have removed the picture?