Think about this, the last time you got change at a store did you even bother to look at it before you put it in your pocket? Me neither. That nonchalant attitude toward inspecting the money we use is what the bad guys are counting on in the latest report of funny money being passed in South Louisiana.

Police in DeRidder have confiscated several fake $100 bills in recent days and they are warning merchants across South Louisiana to be on the lookout for the counterfeit bills. The bills that were confiscated in DeRidder are props. You know, fake money for movies and television shows.


This isn't the first time that reports of movie money being put into circulation have surfaced. The bills look very authentic but a closer inspection reveals they are far from what they appear to be. Police believe the movie money is being purchased online. Many of the bills have Japanese or Chinese stamps on the front and back of the bills.

Naturally, the American money supply has safeguards built into each monetary instrument. Merchants can verify the validity of each bill by looking for key security features.

Should you find yourself in possession of some of these fake bills or should you encounter someone attempting to pass the funny money at a place of business the simplest thing to do is call your local police. They will take it from there.


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