Three aspiring Florida rappers are under investigation for robbing and murdering a 20 year-old man for $300 so they could have money to flash during a concert performance. 

According to Fox 13, police say that the victim, Tyler Macklin, was viciously murdered in his living room when two men broke into his apartment and shot him in the neck. The two alleged murderers, Jonathan Olin Felix and Joseph Edward Gomes-Brandon Jr., carried out the alleged robbery and subsequent murder, while another man, Dylan Kindred, who hatched the idea, was driving the getaway car.

Investigators say the young men needed the currency to “flash cash” while they performed rap songs at a local show in Tampa, Fla. They did not have enough of their own money to “demonstrate their desired level of affluence” so they decided to allegedly steal and kill for it.

Gomes-Brandon and Felix are charged with first degree murder, armed robbery, and various other charges related to the home invasion. For now, Dylan has escaped the murder charges against him as investigators say Dylan drove the car to and from Macklin’s home. Dylan allegedly told his partners they were “only supposed to steal cash and drugs” from Macklin but not hurt him.

The arrest affidavit details that Kindred watched from the car as Felix and Gomes-Brandon kicked in the front door and saw the suspects running from the house to the getaway car with Macklin’s wallet containing $300 cash.

A video posted on social media shows a snippet of the trio's concert performance, which was reportedly taken just hours after the murder.

All three men are in jail and are being held without bond.

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