We've all seen this kid on the internet, right? This photo of Sam Griner has been used all over the internet when it comes to producing memes, and it has made the young fella "internet famous."

Sam, who is now 8-years-old, has become known as the "success kid" on the internet after his parents snapped this photo of him while on the beach. His face and fame are now helping his family fund his father's kidney transplant.

It turns out his dad Justin has been in kidney failure for a decade, and has to do four hours of dialysis three times a week. So Sam's mom recently started a GoFundMe page to pay for a kidney transplant . . . and Sam's fans have donated more than $90,000 in the last week.

Of course, some critics have slammed Sam's mother for using her son's image to fund this effort, yet other's have been very supportive of the family---that's evident with the amount of money already raised.

There has also been a website created to help find a kidney that matches Sam's father's, search "Justin's Kidney Transplant."

It turns out that Justin Griner's mother died of the same kidney disease several years ago, and the family hopes that this bit of information help's save Justin's life. Here is a photo of Justin and Sam below.

Facebook via Laney Robertson