A massive brawl broke out between Dodgers fans and Astros fans in Houston a few days ago.

In the video below, you can see fans going at it while in the stands and a young lady even took part in this immature behvaior at the game.

I will never understand why fans have to fight at a sporting event. Sure, we all get passionate while cheering on our team(s), but to resort to violence just makes no sense to me.

One video does show a fan bleeding after this fight and he does appear to be injured in the stands of the stadium.

If you're not a baseball fan let me note here that Dodgers fans and Astros fans have been going at it in stadiums and online for over a year now. And it all stems from accusations that the Astros stole signs from other teams when they won the World Series.

Here are just a few videos of the fans fighting at the baseball game. By the way, please don't ever be these people.

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