March 9, 2016 marks the 19-year anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.'s tragic death. Though he was taken from the world far too soon, the proud Brooklyn native's music lives on and his Ready to Die and posthumous Life After Death albums are still considered two of the best bodies of work in hip-hop history. Though his catalog of original music isn't extensive, each song was put together methodically and deliberately and each lyric is as vicious as the one that preceded it.

Hits like "Hypnotize," "Mo Money, Mo Problems," "Juicy" and "Big Poppa" showed Biggie's mass appeal. Tracks like "I Got a Story to Tell," What's Beef" and "Warning" cemented his place as one of the great storytellers. "Ten Crack Commandments" is the ultimate ode-to-drug-dealing rap. "Me and My Bitch," "One More Chance" and "Nasty Boy" flaunted his prowess with women, despite the fact that he was self-described as a "black nasty muthafucka." "Sky's the Limit" serves as motivation music and "Machine Gun Funk" is a lyrical masterpiece. No matter the situation, Big had a song that could rock a party or move a listener to tears.

Not confined to any type of box or style, Biggie was able to bounce freely between subject matter whenever he deemed appropriate. Whether he told tales of selling drugs on the corner of his Bedstuy, Brooklyn block, duct taping the judge's daughter to beat a case or spilling champagne in a mansion, the MC's flow and delivery made each bar convincing.

Whether a die-hard rap fan or a casual listener, everyone has a favorite Notorious B.I.G. song, so XXL took to Twitter to ask the people for their favorite Biggie songs.

Rest in Peace Big Poppa.

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