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When it comes to world-class toy stores, FAO Schwarz is at the top of a very short list.  Toys R Us, KB Toys, and many more have folded leaving very few options other than retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon for our toy acquisition needs.  That being said, even when every mall had one - FAO Schwarz was still the king of the toy shops.

If you miss browsing aisle after aisle of action figures, games, dolls, and all of the latest playthings - the Schwarz is with you.  The timeless toy icon has teamed up with online rental juggernaut Airbnb to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for one lucky family - an overnight stay in the store on the week of Christmas!

According to the New York Post, this monument to childhood will host one family for an unforgettable sleepover surrounded by enough Christmas spirit to grow even the tiniest heart 3 sizes or more!  Obviously, this is no ordinary Airbnb booking.  In order to make it fair, a lottery will be held on Tuesday to find the lucky family.  That family will be able to book this dream stay at the ultimate toy paradise in the heart of New York City (on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, no less) on December 21st.

That family will have the entire store to themselves for their stay (that's 20,000-square-feet of yuletide magic), and even have a personal assistant - one of the living toy soldiers that greet shoppers at the door every Christmas!  If selected, the winning family will only pay $25 for the overnight Christmas-a-thon.  Unfortunately, the lottery is only available to families in the NYC area.

Since we don't have a toy store on this level in this state, could we get a similar experience at an iconic Louisiana location?  Maybe the Tabasco Sauce museum on Avery Island? What about Bass Pro Shop?  No, wait - I got it!  I want an overnight stay at Sci-Port in downtown Shreveport!

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