Farrah Abraham took to social media to announce the ending of a long-term relationship—but the way she broke the news wasn't your typical breakup announcement.

Most people have no clue who Simon Saran is, but Farrah recently put him on blast as she let the world know they were done-zo.

But we're talking Farrah here—you know, the "actress" who called her clearly staged pornographic movie (featuring a well known pornographic movie star) a "leaked sex tape."

Since then, Farrah has done a lot of growing up from the Teen Mom that we knew from MTV, including a real grown up relationship with Simon Saran—the first serious boyfriend since Derek Underwood; the father of her daughter Sophia who tragically died before Sophia was born.

By tweeting a photo of them kissing, of course.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

[via Cosmopolitan]