They say the third time is a charm, and Farrah Abraham decided to show off her lucky charms after having her third breast augmentation.

Farrah eagerly flaunted her enhancements after undergoing her third boob job in just five years. She let cameras follow her into the operation room on October 16 to document her surgery as she boosted her implant size from a 650CC to an 800CC.

Farrah pimped what she called "the best brand of implants" in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The Teen Mom star claims she had the surgery to fix burning and pain issues, but in addition to fixing her problems, she also seemed to be extra happy with the result of the doctor's work.

Abraham was barely off the operating table and she was already showing off her new assets in an orange dress during a check up with her Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr. Stuart Linder.

He looked very pleased with his work. Scope all the photos here.

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