Farrah Abraham, the former "Teen Mom" star now turned Porn Star, says that one of her biggest dreams was to pose for Playboy Magazine. Well, it doesn't look this dream will be coming true anytime soon.

Farrah told HollywoodLife I think the only magazine I’d probably do is probably Playboy because, I think they keep it the classiest.” Well Farrah, it looks like you may have to put that dream of your's on hold for now. HollywoodLife is reporting that a spokesperson from Playboy says that the chances of Farrah gracing the pages of the magazine are very slim.

I think that the magazine is thinking, "Well we have already seen plenty of her, what's left for our reader's to see?"  Perhaps her adult rated film showed too much of her and now the magazine is like thanks, but no thanks. But you never know, Hugh Hefner may have a change of heart one day and need a new young wife.




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