Yes, that will be a No. 4 without onions and a large side of NO, THANK YOU.

Have you ever wondered how much we have given up in the name of convenience? How about in the name of instant gratification? For crying out loud, we are willing to let a complete stranger into our homes/garages/cars to deliver our Amazon packages. What's next, we ask them to open those packages and place the items in their respective places? I know this is a little extreme, but I get a little freaked out by things like this and I'm certainly not comfortable with a fast food chain tracking my license plate.

Even if it means I'll get my food more quickly.

According to the Los Angeles Times, fast food chains are looking into placing cameras in their drive-thru lanes that will be able to identify you with your license plate. With this information they hope to personalize the digital menu to you and speed up the drive-thru process. In fact, Starbucks in South Korea has already tested this out, but with customers who have pre-registered their plates online.

Call me paranoid, but just because you didn't register online does't mean that the camera is not still getting into your business. I mean, we all know Alexa listens and records us even though she's not supposed to, right? It just doesn't sit well with me.

One startup company behind this tech is called 5Thru. They said that several drive-thru chains are trying out their product, with some reporting that they serviced 30 extra cars in on day by reducing the time to get out drive-thru orders. 5Thru fully expects to have a major contract signed by the end of next year.

You know how I feel about this, what about you?

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