Lafayette Police confirmed one fatality in a major crash involving two vehicles at a Lafayette intersection.

Lafayette Police Lieutenant Jace Quebedeaux says that the crash occurred just after 8 p.m. at the intersection of Bertrand Drive and Eraste Landry Road.

Preliminary investigation indicates that vehicle #2 was traveling southbound on Bertrand Drive, towards Eraste Landry Road. Vehicle #2 approached and began to enter the intersection on a green traffic control. During this time, vehicle #1 was traveling northbound on Bertrand Drive, and attempted to make a left turn onto Eraste Landry Road. Vehicle #1 then impacted vehicle #2 in the intersection.

Quebedeaux says the driver of vehicle #2 was extricated from the vehicle and transported to a local hospital where they were pronounced deceased.

The driver of vehicle #1 reportedly refused medical aid at the scene of the crash.

UPDATE: All lanes are now open at the intersection. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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