Lafayette Police Department has identified the victim in a fatal motorcycle crash that happened early Tuesday evening (Jan. 10).

Sgt. Robin Green with LPD said that officers responded to a crash that occurred around 6:34 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 10). The accident happened in the 400 block of Carmel Drive involving a motorcycle with one confirmed fatality.

As a result, the intersection of Carmel Avenue and Twelfth Street was shut down while officers worked the accident scene.

Google Maps
Google Maps

On Wednesday morning, Lafayette Police issued an update with details on the crash including the name of the victim, 43-year-old Grant Mertz of Lafayette, LA.

The fatal crash that occurred last night is a result of a vehicle turning right from the 1800 block of Twelfth St into the 400 block of Carmel Dr.  The motorcycle was traveling east in the 400 block of Carmel Dr and collided with the front driver-side fender of the vehicle. The motorcycle then made contact with a second vehicle that was westbound in the 400 block of Carmel Dr. The operator of the motorcycle died as a result of his injuries sustained from the accident.

The investigation is still ongoing and this continues to be a developing story that will be updated as we receive more confirmed information.

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