The idea of a trick play in sports is often cooler than the trick play itself; the reason being is pulling off a trick play is difficult.

While a successful trick play will make a highlight package on SportsCenter or the local news, a plethora of failed ones are largely forgotten.

A trick play isn't as simple as a sports movie makes it out to be.

To be clear, when I say "trick play", I'm not referencing the simpler ones like a flea-flicker or a halfback pass. We see those often.

I'm talking about the unorthodox ones that stump the spectators as much as the opposing team. The kind of play you have to see on replay at the stadium.

Last week, the South Dakota State Jackrabbits pulled off a fake quarterback sneak trick snap touchdown.

On a 4th and 1 from North Dakota State 11 yard line, the play resulted in a touchdown.

Quarterback Chris Oladokun lined up under center, only to have him snap it between his legs to running back Pierre Strong Jr. while Oladokun and the O-Line fake a quarterback sneak on 4th and short.

The official stat sheet reads - "Pierre Strong Jr. throws 11-yard touchdown pass to Tucker Kraft", but it was so much more than that.

The Jackrabbits went in to win the game 29-17, snapping North Dakota State's 9-game winning streak.

I love when trick plays works. Like the time the Saints opened up the 2nd half of Super Bowl XLIV with a surprise onside kick.

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