This homeowner was surprised to see the level of respect shown by his FedEx delivery guy.

Instagram user @creationsross thought it would be cool to play a prank on his FedEx delivery driver (or any visitors, really) with a sign that would probably go unnoticed by most people.

While the sign was probably meant to get laughs, one FedEx delivery driver took it very seriously.

Usually these videos are of FedEx delivery workers throwing packages or exhibiting some other less than satisfactory behavior in the eye of the homeowners who publish them, airing their grievances on social platforms.

This guy respected the homeowners wishes to stay ON the grass, cleaning sidewalks and pathways to stay true to his request. You can see the delightful shock on the face of the homeowner as he revels the sign to those watching his "prank" video.


It seems like it's the first time anyone has ever taken his sign seriously, and the end result is a viral video that will hopefully get back to the FedEx guy who definitely deserves praise... and a raise.