Mo Isom, the former LSU Tiger Soccer star and reigning queen at LSU, has failed to make the LSU Men's Football Team. Head Coach Les Miles announced Tuesday that Mo Isom did not make the team as she was trying out to be the team's place kicker. Mo Isom is the first female in LSU history to tryout for the university's football team. During the announcement that Mo Isom failed to make "the cut," head coach Les Miles said that Mo asked, 'Do I get another opportunity if I get a lot better?' I said, 'Sure.'" Isom tweeted that she will be back.

"Wonderful meeting with coach Miles," she said on her Twitter account Tuesday afternoon. "Received great constructive feedback. Will continue working my hardest with the team through spring and summer."

Mo Isom stands just over six feet tall and is respected nationally for her skills on the soccer field. He competitive nature seems to be off the chart and her determination even reminds Coach Miles of his own daughter who is training to be a competitive swimmer.  Miles said, "(Isom) understands competition, doesn't like to be denied and wants to contribute," Miles said.


LSU coaches and Isom both understand that while she may be able to contribute to the team on some levels, there are just too many other responsibilities that Mo may not be able to full-fill once on the gridiron. One, both the coaches and Isom know that tackling could be an issue in a game-time situation.

Isom says that she will continue to practice kicking the football and she hopes to tryout again for the LSU Football team in August.

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