LAFAYETTE, La. (999 KTDY) - The Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office has a picture from St. Tammany Parish of something thrown in the trash that caught fire so it got us wondering what are some of the things you can't dump in your trash can because they might catch fire. Even if the items don't catch fire in your trash can they could catch fire in the trash truck.

The problem in that trash truck that caused the fire was two batteries. What are some of the other things you can't just throw in the garbage because they can catch fire, and that fire can spread to other trash?

Propane Tanks & Butane Tanks

We spoke to an environmental expert to find out some of the things that sly lead to a fire and things you might not even think about before you throw it in the trash. One item everyone should know not to throw into a garbage can is a propane tank or a butane tank. These tanks contain gas. One smush from the garbage truck, and kaboom, a fire starts. This is one of the prominent examples.

Regular Batteries & Lithium Batteries

One of the less obvious things we might not think about catching fire is batteries, lithium batteries, or rechargeable batteries. It's easy to forget what you can and can't put in the garbage. You might be done with these items, and think I'll throw them in the trash. Batteries have different metals and corrosive items which can lead to a fire in your trash can and in the garbage collector's truck.

Car Batteries

Having pointed out the flammability of batteries, the flammability potential is also there for your car battery. You can't just throw your car battery away in your trash. The last thing you want to happen is for flames to be seen coming from your local garbage truck.

Cleaning Supplies

If you're like the average household, you have at least one cabinet full of cleaning supplies. These supplies contain a variety of different chemicals that can catch on fire. If you are not sure what to do about items, the following is a list of some area garbage collectors:


Wait....what? Throwing a completely empty can of aerosol-type hairspray into the trash is totally fine; it can get picked up by your garbage truck. The website says a half-used can of spray can be very dangerous. It's no joke that when put under pressure, like the machinery that compacts the trash on a garbage truck, these cans can explode.

If you live in Lafayette, click here to find out where you drop off things that you shouldn't put in your trash can.

Pool Chemicals

Our friend with environmental experience also shared with us that pool chemicals can also cause fires. He says that you need to make sure you store your pool chemicals away from any other chemicals. If you need to dispose of them, you should contact the store that sold the product to you for advice on where to bring leftover or old chemicals.


This one may seem obvious, but what if you think everyone thing in the ashtray is completely put out, but it's not? It's not hard to see how easily ashes from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and the fireplace can start a fire after being dumped, still smoldering, in your trash can which is then lifted up and put in the garbage truck.

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