Fans of 'Mountain Dew' and 'Flamin' Hot Cheetos' are getting what they never dreamt about, or even asked for, in the form of a new drink. Yes, 'Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew' is a real thing.

Then I saw the below report posted by @IGN to Twitter.

So I had to go to the source to find out if this was a real thing. Wouldn't you know it @MountainDew confirmed the news.

The spice of 'Flamin' Hot Cheetos' combined with the zing of a 'Mountain Dew' could be good. It could also be disgusting. But, as a fan of both the chips and the drink I feel obligated to at least try this once before giving a formal opinion.

This isn't the first unusual combination of loved snacks to get delivered to the world. 'Kraft' recently released a Mac N Cheese flavored ice cream that got people talking.

The idea of drinking 'Flamin' Hot Cheetos' isn't very appetizing but there is definitely hype for the drink going around social media.

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