When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, one of the cities that stepped up help in a huge way to help was Houston. Now that they are going through unprecedented flooding from Hurricane Harvey, it's time for Louisiana to pay it back. New Orleans t-shirt company Fleurty Girl has come up with an incredible t-shirt to show Houston that we haven't forgotten.

Fleurty Girl is selling "Hou Dat" t-shirts for $20, with 100% of the proceeds going to Feeding Texas www.feedingtexas.org to help our friends in need in the Texas area.

You can order your now over at fleurtygirl.net.

Fleurty Girl, normally when I see great ideas that I didn't come up with, I get mad because I didn't think of it first. When I saw this, I didn't get mad...I actually teared up. Amazing, and thank you for helping, and for making Louisiana look good.

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