Our friend and loyal listener, Grant Citron, recently had his home take-in water during the flood and during the clean-up process he had the Friday Morning Breakfast Jam cranked-up.

While we were playing "My Boo" during the mix, Grant dropped the broom and did his own version of the "Running Man."

It was good to see so many of you who were affected by the flood make the most of the situation. For a minute, we thought about not doing the mix because we did not want to create a "party-like atmosphere" while so many of you are attempting to put your lives back together.

However, having seeing videos like this, we're glad we decided to give you the Breakfast Jam this week. We hope it helped motivate you this morning and we're glad to see it may have even put a smile on your face after this tragedy.

#TeamBreakfastJam cannot be denied.


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