We talked about this on the morning show and here is the whole story. A Florida teacher's job may be in jeopardy after word got out that she was disciplining her students in a very unique way.  Pasco County high school teacher Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp used a veterinary cone usually reserved for sick puppies to discipline her misbehaving ninth graders.As to be expected, some parents are outraged that this teacher would use such a measure, yet others seem to not be bothered. Yes, some parents have actually come to her defense saying that they approve of her form of discipline.


The teacher, a twelve-year veteran of Zephyrhills High, came up with the idea to use the "cone" as a form of discipline after she and her class watched the Disney movie "Up," and the cone was used in the movie to discipline "man's best friend."

According to The Tampa Times, at least eight students in Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp's class wore the cone for various discipline reasons. The teacher allowed the students to wear the cone as an alternative to other forms of discipline.

Like the parents, some of the students in the class did not see anything wrong with "The Cone Of Shame," yet others did not see it likewise. The story garnished a lot of attention once several photos surfaced on Facebook of students wearing the cone in the classroom.

Personally, I am on the "fence" with this topic. I get it, but then again I know how senstive kids are and I know how demeaning kids are these days. Sure it may be cute and harmless, but as soon as another student snaps a photo of someone else wearing this infamous "cone" and posts it on the internet, the kid then wearing the cone is up for scrutiny.  My only concern is that this form of punishment can lead to a kid being picked on or being ridiculed by others. And too often we have heard of kids that were picked on seeking revenge upon others while at school.

The school board has yet to schedule a meeting to discuss this matter. For more on this story visit Yahoo.


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