Alright, fashionistas. We were on borrowed time. It's time to face reality.

High heels are returning. I can hear the screams now. We got away with clogs and platforms for a couple of years...but now, the dreaded stiletto is making a comeback.

How are the masses preparing for this? Well, foot botox. I wish I were kidding.

If you're a high-heel lover, you may wonder how this works and if it's something for you. Basically, botox (fillers) can be injected into the balls of your feet to protect your nerves and bones so you can wear those stilts without pain.

Via: UnSplash
Via: UnSplash

If you want to take it a step further (pun intended) -- botox can also be used to create an arch if you have flat feet, making wearing high heels easier. It can also help with the corns and calluses if you get those.

Here are my two cents on this: No??

Look, I love the look of a high-heel/stiletto. It's high fashion. It's gorgeous, but my short and wide feet could never. I don't think you should be like...deadening a part of your body for fashion. Throw corsets into that equation too.

If you want to do it, I'm all for it. Do you, boo. I just...think other cosmetic procedures are worth it beyond the feet.

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